I don’t trust Online Dating

Posted at 4:27 PM, Mar 22, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-10 16:27:19-04
A man turns his killing fantasies into stories for his book club.

A man turns his killing fantasies into stories for his book club.

It worries me the boss wants them to take a break from chasing the Replicator on “Criminal Minds.” That doesn’t seem like a safe move at all. I know the writers have promised a season-ending wrap-up on this story arc, but I’m getting so antsy!

The most important development tonight, Garcia has a new man! That girl needs some loving after the date who tried to kill her, and her bad break-up with Kevin. It was nice seeing him act so jealous though. I do think those two will find their way back to each other, as long as Kevin doesn’t get killed. As I’ve said before, if someone in the BAU loves you consider yourself a target.

The murder plot in this episode confused me a bit. Early on, we saw the screenplays that seemed to mimic the murders. I definitely did not predict the author would be part of some writing group where they shared their murder fantasies. I guess that’s one way to get help, but no thanks. What is with people these days?

The online dating hook sent shivers down my spine tonight. The women were communicating with the killer online. Do you people now understand why the thought of online dating terrifies me a bit? This show just shows me you don’t know who is lurking on the other side of the computer.

It was sad watching Reid’s interpretation with truth and lies. He implied he will now be telling all suspects the truth because when he lied to Diane, she killed Maeve. That’s a rough fact right there. I wonder if Reid will ever recover. I really don’t know what the team could say to him. Grief is just something you have to work through in your own time.