Kristen Crowley’s big reveal: Part Two

Posted at 12:48 PM, Mar 22, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-22 12:53:42-04

Can you REALLY tell if someone is having a boy or a girl?

Well today, we reveal whether or not Kristen Crowley is having a boy or a girl after putting some old wives' tales about gender prediction to the test.

The “gender predictor” questions that Kristen answered are:

Are you carrying high or low? High if it’s a girl, and low if it’s a boy.

Kristen's answer was “low”.

The next “gender predictor” is listening to the baby’s heartbeat. If its heartbeat is 140+ per minute, then it’s predicted a girl; if fewer than 140 beats per minutes, it’s a boy.

Kristen’s answer was an average of 144 beats per minute.

Are you craving sweet or sour foods? If you crave ice cream, you might be having a girl. If you crave salty foods, you may be having a boy.

Kristen said she’s craving both, but more sweets.

The next test is the ring test. Tie your wedding ring to a string and hang it over your belly. If it swings in a circle, it’s a boy, but if it swings back and forth it could be a girl.

After performing the test, the ring circled Kristen’s tummy and is predicted to be a boy.

Blaine and Laila ask Kristen, “How do you look?” It has been said that girls steal your beauty and boys tend to steal your energy while pregnant.

Kristen’s answer was “energy for sure, this time.”

Last, but not least, how queasy do you get? If you’re sick during the first trimester, it could be a girl; if you’re hardly sick or even at all, it could possibly be a boy.

Kristen says she’s definitely gotten sick.

The final tally board from the “gender predictors” and wives' tales show that it’s a tie.

The final answer we’ve all been waiting for: it’s a boy!

Kristen says that she and her husband have settled on a middle name, but not a first name. Stay tuned!