Police continue to sift through months of evidence in Accomack County arson investigation

Posted at 6:41 PM, Apr 04, 2013

Accomack, Va. - State police investigators must now sift through five months of evidence before charging Tonya Bundick and Charles Smith with more of the 77 arsons in Accomack County since last November.

State police say they're confident that the couple is behind the majority of those fires, but currently they are only charged with one.

More charges are expected as investigators go through the mountain of evidence they've collected in five months.

Search warrants filed this week for the couple's home and minivan include a gas can, eight lighters, towels and computers that were seized by police.

That's in addition to evidence collected at the arson scenes since November.

Police are still waiting on results from testing done at the state lab to come back on that.

They're also going through the 1,200 tips they’ve received in the case giving them a fresh look in light of Bundick and Smith's arrest.

There's also the matter of a handful of fires state police say Bundick and Smith did not set.

“We are confident that there are a handful of fires that were set for other motives that are of no relation to Smith and Bundick or the fires they've set,” says Corinne Geller a State Police Spokeswoman.

Corrine Geller with the Virginia State Police tells NewsChannel 3 that no arrests have been made yet in those fires and that leads are still being pursued.


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