Teen receives “Military Child of the Year” Award

Posted at 4:55 PM, Apr 05, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-05 16:55:24-04

Alexander Burch is the winner of the Military Child of the Year Award.

'It's always tough, no matter where you go, because as a military brat you're always having to adapt, innovate and overcome obstacles," Alex says.

Alexander Burch was born premature and suffers from a hearing loss that gets worse with age.

He will wrap up high school, after attending nine different schools around the globe, because of his father`s Navy career. But, through it all, Burch has put a positive spin on life.

He says, "It was fun, got to see Europe, England, Germany, France. It was like going to a vacation in a vacation. We traveled a lot of places."

Burch's mom, Joanne, is a native of England and it's clear she helped instill that positive attitude.

Joanne says, "Every time we moved, it was a new experience. The kids, I think it's the best education we could have given our children."

After graduating this spring, Burch plans to attend UND or Northland College to pursue an accounting or business degree.

Next week, he'll accept the Military Child of the Year Award in Washington D.C., accompanied by his mom.