Two cold cases revived in Isle of Wight, victim’s son reacts

Posted at 11:55 PM, Apr 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-08 23:55:47-04

Isle of Wight County, Va. - Nearly nine years after two unsolved murders, Isle of Wight investigators are reviving both cases.

During the summer of 2004, the bodies of 28-year-old Carrie Singer and 56-year-old Johnny Tynes were found just days apart. Police don't think they're related.

Singer was beaten to death, her body found dumped in a field outside of Smithfield.

Tynes was found in bed, bludgeoned to death inside his Rushmere trailer.

"About time,”says Trabion Tynes, Johnny Tynes’s son. “Now hopefully this time we'll find out who did it.  That wasn't just my father. That was my friend, you know. That's what people forget. That was my friend."

For Trabion Tynes, reinvestigating his father's murder case is bittersweet. In 2005, police charged him with the murder. After spending three months in jail, the charges were dropped after investigators re-interviewed witnesses.

"I'm in jail for 90 days, with no motive, no reason at all, no nothing," Tynes says. "Just there for nothing."

Investigators plan on talking to all the original witnesses once again and using new DNA technology in both cases.

Tynes says he has already found closure, but still wants the real killer found.

"It doesn't bring him back,” he says. “It just closes the case so that we know who did it. But he's gone, so just got to move on."

NewsChannel 3 spoke with one of the main investigators looking into these cold cases. Sgt. Tommy Potter says Singer's case will be difficult because they have yet to determine where she was murdered.