UPDATE: New video shows tractor-trailer cab dangling over MMMBT

Posted at 5:56 PM, Apr 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-10 06:16:38-04

Newport News, Va. - You saw the photos of the dramatic video. Now NewsChannel 3 has new video of the crash scene where a woman was dangling inside the cab of her truck for more than two hours over the Monitor Merrimac on Monday.

Almira Ribic was twirling high above the water as crews carefully brought her to safety.

Master Chief Scott Dye of the Newport News rescue squad describes how the rescue went down.

He says he was lowered down using an elevator platform, hooked her up to a harness and carefully raised her back up.

Virginia State Police say Ribic lost control heading southbound and flipped over the side of the bridge.

State police say Ribic has been charged with reckless driving for the crash.

Today NewsChannel 3 checked out her driving record and found only three minor traffic tickets since 2007.

We also contacted the company that owns the 2005 freightliner truck she was driving. California Coartage Express. They have not returned our calls.

Ribic's son, Amer, spoke to NewsChannel three Monday night.

Saying he feels very fortunate that his mother made it through such a horrific accident.


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