Coast Guard heroes from Sandy honored

Posted at 11:00 PM, Apr 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-12 00:13:45-04

The members of the U.S. Coast Guard that saved 14 people on the HMS Bounty during Hurricane Sandy were honored Thursday night by the Red Cross.

"14 families have their loved ones because of what they did, my goal was to take this evening and make it all about them," said Carolyn Self, the Executive Director for the Greater Albemarle Area chapter of the Red Cross.

With hurricane winds and rain barring down on them, the Coast Guard first had to spot the Bounty's crew who at that point had abandoned ship. Then in choppy waters, they went down to pull them out.

"At any point did you think, this is crazy?"" Randy Haba was asked.

"There was a few times with, getting smacked by the waves a couple times," Haba replied.

Haba went into the water and saved five people. He says he appreciates the sincerity of the Red Cross for honoring the Coast Guard, but to him it was just part of the job.

"Anybody would have, anybody in my shop, would have gladly gone out and done the same thing I did," Haba said nonchalantly.

The men and women who were on the helicopter say they've told their story countless times.

Even heard their own family members tell it to others. The ever-humble heroes don't like the stoplight, or the thought of the rescue turning into a tall tale.

"The facts are starting to fade a little bit," said Coast Guard member Michael Lufkin.

"That's the main part, making sure that the story stays true to the end."