Man says robbers armed with sawed-off shotgun, tire iron stole his bill money

Posted at 7:44 PM, Apr 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-12 09:08:15-04

Suffolk, Va. - Police in Suffolk are investigating three robberies that occurred this past Saturday. Two of those were armed, according to police. We spoke to one of the victims who says two men took his bill money.

That incident happened on Kilby Avenue. Police say two men came up to another man, and one pointed a sawed-off shotgun at his face, and the other was armed with a tire iron. Both demanded money.

NewsChannel 3 asked Wayne Watkins what he was feeling when the gun was so close to his face. He responded, "I was scared, I was scared!"

Watkins says he was coming home from the store around 9:30 at night when he saw the two men following him. Next thing he knew, they were attacking him from behind.

He told NewsChannel 3 the man carrying the tire iron tried to hit him in the head, but he was able to block it.

"I know if he would have hit me, he would have killed me with that crow bar. I don`t know if the gun was loaded or not, but, uh, the gun scared me too `cause he could have shot me in my face," Watkins said.

That's when the two men ran off with the $350 Watkins had in his pocket.

"I need it `cause that was my bill money, so I could do the bills. I could do my light bill, my light bill money and my water bill," he added.

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And he wasn't the only one assaulted that day; just a few blocks away on West Washington Street, police say a man walked out of his home and was attacked by a man wearing a mask who demanded money and pushed him to the ground.

And another happened early Saturday morning. Three intruders went into a home on Herman Court, demanding money from the three people inside. One man put a gun to the back of one victim's head.

Suffolk police say none of the victims had serious injuries after the assaults.

Officers don't think any of the three robberies are related because of the locations and the different descriptions the victims gave of their attackers.