ECSU students say gunshots were fired to stop a fight

Posted at 3:41 PM, Apr 12, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-12 15:57:38-04

Elizabeth City State University is business as usual Friday afternoon.

The school was on lockdown Thursday night because of gunfire on campus.

Students heard nearly half a dozen gunshots late last night.

"When the fight broke out everyone ran over to it, 20-30 people started running over towards the fight and then next thing you know you hear pop, pop, pop, and everyone ran away from the fight."

University police responded and immediately put the campus on lockdown, sneding an alert to students and staff to stay inside.

"Campus police came around the corner two to three cars deep, riding, chasing the guy as soon as it happened before anyone could call or push the emergency button they were here."

Officers quickly learned that no one is hurt and started searching the small college campus for the shooter.

Students tell NewsChannel 3 that all of the shots were fired in the air and were meant to stop a possible fight.

NewsChannel 3 was also told that most of the people involved do not attend ECSU and for the most part, these students feel safe living on campus.

"It really wasn't anything too serious, it was just more drunk people getting out of hand, that's all that it was, the people that did it were not students, on top of that, that's what makes it worse."

University officials say they're still investigating the incident, but no arrests have been made.

They do believe that the man who fired the gun is not an ECSU student.

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