Local Veteran: ‘The VA’s not doing their job’

Posted at 1:16 PM, Apr 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-23 13:16:58-04

Hampton, Va. - They served their country and in turn for their sacrifice, they were supposed to be taken care of by Veterans Affairs.

But now, one veteran says the local VA hospital has not kept up its end of the promise.

Phillip Askew became a proud Marine serving in the jungles of Vietnam.

Like many veterans from that era, he receives care at the local VA medical center in Hampton.

But he says the doctors and the Bureaucracy of the VA are getting in the way of that care.

In between his tours of duty in Vietnam, skew was stationed at camp Lejune, the North Carolina Marine Base now infamous for its contaminated water.

But the potential effects of drinking that water hit home for Askew in February after a prostate cancer screening test showed higher than normal levels.

Two months later he still has yet to see a VA doctor for a formal diagnosis.

Now, this Vietnam vet is coming to NewsChannel 3, asking us to take action.

Tonight at 11, see what top doctors at the Hampton VA have to say about how they treat veterans like him.