White House announces partnership to credential service members for high-demand jobs

Posted at 10:31 AM, Apr 29, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-29 11:58:35-04

First Lady Michelle Obama announced the IT Training and Certification Partnership today at the White House Forum on Military Credentialing and Licensing.

The public-private partnership will enable thousands of service members to earn industry-recognized IT certifications before they transition from military service.

A new grant program through the Department of Health and Human Services will also be announced that will help veterans with health care experience pursue professional nursing careers and earn their nursing license.

Today’s announcement is the second major partnership developed through the Task Force, and will provide opportunities for up to 161,000 service members to gain industry-recognized, nationally-portable certifications necessary for 12 high-demand technology professions, including computer programmers, quality assurance engineers, and IT security analysts.