Meteorologist Dr. Duane Harding shares his favorite memories with NewsChannel 3

Posted at 7:13 PM, Apr 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-01 06:01:40-04

Tidewater television legend Dr. Duane Harding was known for his dry wit and rooftop weather forecasts some years back!

And there was a storm of controversy surrounding his departure 17 years ago.

It was long overdue for a homecoming.

Meteorologist Dr. Duane Harding was the go-to weather guy in Hampton Roads during the 90's.

He holds a PhD that convinced viewers he was the weather authority.

That all came to an end in 1996.

"I was told that they were not going to renew my contract and I was led out of the building,” says Dr. Harding. “I was told not to enter the building anymore.”

Well Duane is back in the building!  He is welcome and the former owners are long gone.

Soon, he was sharing some his favorite memories and the prank he pulled on a viewer who phoned him and asked if she could see him, is it possible he could see her?

"I said by the way dear, or Mrs. Whatever it was, you really should get a new robe, and she said ‘Oh, hahahaha,’” says Dr. Harding.

It's not all laughs these days for Dr. Duane; he wishes for something that so far does not exist.

"What I would wish for would be to get the first brain stem transplant,” says Dr. Duane.

Today at 5, Dr. Duane tells us about a condition he suffers from that happened the day he was struck by a drunk driver.

It’s a candid interview you won’t want to miss.