Woodside High students react to teacher’s arrest for relationship with student

Posted at 5:56 PM, Apr 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-30 17:56:01-04

A Newport News teacher was arrested last week for “sexting” with one of her students. But court documents say 27-year-old Cara Alexander was having sex with the 17-year-old for nearly a year.

Several students tell NewsChannel 3 there’s been a lot of buzz around Woodside High School about what happened.

“Everybody just saw her one day and like, the next day she was gone,” says senior Terrence Nabrict.

Court documents state Alexander contacted the student last summer, giving him her cell phone number. Since then, the victim says he and Alexander have had sex more than 20 times.

Students say they never would have expected that to happen.

"They were surprised because she was like, a calm teacher. She would just teach and sit down and let them do their work but she never like, presented herself like she would do that,” Nabrict says.

“She was nice as I could see. She was pretty friendly with the students. She was friendly with me when I would walk by," says senior Rashad Ricks.

Last week, court documents say the victim’s mom gave police her son’s cell phone after seeing naked photos of Alexander on it.

She was arrested last Friday and released on bond Monday.

When NewsChannel 3 stopped by her apartment, she wasn’t home.

Students say they’re not only surprised at what happened, they’re shocked that it happened at their school.

“It’s like, one of those things you always hear about, but when it happens, you never think it’s going to happen at your school,” Nabrict says.

Newport News Public Schools officials say that Newport News Police meet with students through the year a few times and they educate them on the dangers of social media and situations like this.