Benita Adams hits the ground running for her 2nd act

Posted at 7:38 PM, May 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-02 19:54:33-04

Benita Adams steered viewers in the right direction for nearly a decade on the 13 News morning show.

Early this year, management put the brakes on her career without warning, telling her they were moving in a different direction.

Her fans started asking where she is and what happened? But if you think Benita is down for the count, think again.

“Sometimes in life, I say life throws you a curveball. Sometimes, sometimes you’re surprised you don’t see things coming,” she says.

While some people would see that as a setback, Benita chose to see it as an opportunity to do more.

“To start a business, to retrain myself, to start a TV show, to get my body in shape. So those were the pieces I wanted to put together,” she says.

Benita was already developing a brand as “B. Adams,” and was in the process of developing an independent television show, but her unplanned departure from WVEC moved up the timetable.

“Sometimes we need to get that proverbial kick in the behind, a little bit to say go out there, it’s your time,” she says.

She teamed up with Crewstone Technologies and in four short months following her departure, has reemerged on Cox Cable 11 with her own show titled “The Second Act.”

The weekly 30-minute lifestyle show puts Benita in the driver’s seat and in firm control of her career – an experience that is the core message of her show.

“There’s power in the story. We want to tell the story of second act women. We want to hear their successes and their failures. I want women to see our show and say, that’s me, that’s my story, and if she can do it, you know what, I have the confidence and the courage to reset my life to reinvent my life,” Benita says.

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