Good samaritan loses leg in I-264 accident

Posted at 6:02 PM, May 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-02 13:42:46-04

TONIGHT AT 6: Reporter Gabriella DeLuca interviews the tow truck driver who helped save Chip’s life. Click here for a sneak peek of the interview.

A man trying to help a stranger yesterday on Interstate 264 wound up in his own devastating accident.

Those who know Chip Hilborn weren’t surprised to hear he was the guy who stopped on to help a stranger and ended up losing his leg.

"That's Chip. He's a Good Samaritan. Chip would be the one that would stop on the side of the road, where most of us just drive on by... Chip would stop," says coworker Jim Smith.

NewsChannel 3 talked to Chip’s daughter, who says he told her he’s in a lot of pain.

He also told her that when he stopped to help, a tow truck driver nearby tried slowing traffic and that’s when a pickup truck lost control, crashing into him and the woman he was trying to help – costing him his leg at the scene.

His coworkers say they were devastated to hear about the accident but say it’s in Chip’s nature to help since he’s a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight, a group of pilots who fly medical patients who can’t afford traveling for treatment.

“It’s in his DNA to help others that have a need. That’s why he’s involved with Angel Flight,” Jim says.

Now, even with a lost leg, his coworkers say there’s no doubt he’ll be in the air again.

"I think Chip will take care and recover... he`ll get a prosthetic leg, and he`ll be back flying as soon as possible" says friend Thomas Stevens. “Because he`s one tough hombre.”

Police say the name of the woman Chip was trying to help is Nellya Vina-Rova and she too suffered serious injuries.

As for Chip, his daughter says the tow truck driver saved his life by tying his belt around what was left of Chip’s leg.

Update: Two pedestrians hit on I-264 EB