FDA approves new patch that could stop migraines

Posted at 11:32 PM, May 03, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-03 23:32:35-04

Could there finally be a cure for debilitating migraines?

If you get them, then you know they're one of the worst things imaginable.

Now doctors say they could finally be stopped.

Abigail Gould Levine's intense headaches make just getting through the day miserable.

“I've had problems with my vision and with hearing I would get ringing in my ears,” says Levine.

She tried night guards to get rid of the teeth grinding that was causing her headaches.

She's now trying Botox injections.

Hundreds of other women are on prescribed medication, but doctors say some can't tolerate the Botox or the medication.

It only makes the nausea that comes with migraines even worse.

The FDA has approved a new patch with a power device that may be the answer.

It delivers medication through the skin, avoiding the stomach altogether

It's not easy to get it yet.

More women may benefit from the patch because research shows they're more likely to develop migraines.

Whether you need the patch, traditional medication or Botox is something to take up with your doctor.

So you can get on with life without the pain.