Vandals causing thousands in damages to Plaza Little League park

Posted at 5:52 PM, May 03, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-03 17:52:26-04

Thousands of dollars of vandalism damage has been reported done to a Virginia Beach little league park.

Plaza Little League board members say thieves stole the copper piping out of three air conditioners and now, they’re continuously spray painting the dugouts, storage facilities and concrete.

“We see it day in and day out, all the time up here. And we try to clean it off, and it comes back the next week. It gets really hard after a while,” says Vice President of Softball, Joe Locy.

While they say the spray paint is a nuisance, the stolen copper from the AC units could keep the kids from playing night games, since they’re used to stop the lights from overheating.

The little league board members say that most of the air conditioners are blocked off by fences. They originally thought the thieves were climbing over them, but they recently found entryways they think were cut open by them. And they say that’s just another thing they’ll have to repair.

The repairs are coming right out of the board members’ pockets. They say they’ve spent thousands and now it’s getting tougher.

“It’s just something that we can’t cover right now. It’s just a never-ending battle that we aren’t able to compete against,” Locy says.

Virginia Beach Police say they don’t have any leads on who is doing the damage, which could mean a very costly season for the Plaza Little League board.