Two-year-old found roaming busy Suffolk street alone

Posted at 8:15 PM, May 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-09 06:10:26-04

Suffolk, Va. - A young boy in Suffolk was found roaming the streets earlier this week. Police are still trying to figure out why this happened.

“He just had a sad look on his face. Like he wanted to go home, but he didn't know what was going on,” says one neighbor.

Neighbors describe a two-year-old boy who was roaming on north Broad Street alone about a block away from where he was staying.

Police told NewsChannel 3 it happened Monday morning when an officer saw a car stopped in the middle of the road and in front was the child.

“People fly up and down this road and had the person who was driving by had not seen him when they did, he would have crossed out in the road and been hit,” a neighbor told NewsChannel 3.

Officers say they started a door-to-door search for the child's parents and that's when they found his great uncle, who had no idea he was gone.

NewsChannel 3 talked to the child's grandmother, who says she babysits her grandson a few days a week.

The day he walked off she says she left him with her brother and her boyfriend.

“I'm a good mother, I'm a good grandma. I'm not no bad person. I can take care of my grandkid,” says the grandmother.

Her brother says he didn't know the child was at the home and that the two-year-old must have walked out the front door.

The family told NewsChannel 3 they don't know where the two-year-old was headed, but they think he may have been trying to get to his mother’s house. It's a walk they often take and two blocks away from where he was staying

“I don't know if he was going to stop here or keep on going. I don't know what he's got in his mind or what he was going to do, but I thank God he didn't get hit or nobody was going to pick him up or kidnap him,” the grandmother says.

Police say they're still investigating and no charges have been filed.

The family told NewsChannel 3 the child was with his father today.