Sailor testifies he killed Chesapeake mom for $25,000

Posted at 8:37 AM, May 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-09 20:13:51-04

Chesapeake, Va.- A sailor accused of murdering a Chesapeake mom in January testified in court Thursday that he did it for the $25,000 her estranged husband promised to pay him.

Marcus Hofferber and Cory Abshire, both sailors, are charged in the January 19 stabbing death of Rachel Abshire in her Kingsbridge Way apartment in Chesapeake.

In court Thursday, Hofferber waived his rights to a preliminary hearing but agreed to testify against Cory Abshire during his preliminary hearing in exchange for prosecutors agreeing not to pursue the death penalty against him.

Hofferber testified that Cory Abshire asked him to kill his wife because he wanted sole custody of their children. He also said that Abshire promised to pay him $25,000 of the roughly $100,000 in insurance money he expected to receive from Rachel's death. Hofferber told the judge he needed the money because he was slowly going into debt and was in danger of losing his home.

Hofferber testified that he and Abshire has planned the murder for several months and that Cory Abshire drove him to Rachel's apartment where he knew she'd be home alone and with the front door unlocked.Hofferber said Abshire waited in the truck while he went inside and stabbed Rachel several times. The two then drove back to Hofferber's house, throwing the knife and gloves out the window of the truck on the interstate.

Hofferber was the only one to provide testimony during Cory Abshire's preliminary hearing, where Judge Timothy Wright certified the charges against him, sending the case to grand jury.

Cory Abshire and Marcus Hofferber had known each other for nearly 7 years; both served as fire controlmen in the Navy.

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