Grandmother reacts to NewsChannel 3’s interview with man accused of abduction

Posted at 6:54 PM, May 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-10 18:54:50-04

James City County, Va. - Barry Lee Hale was arrested and charged for abduction after an incident involving a 3-year-old in James City County.

Desiree Piggott listened to NewsChannel 's exclusive interview with 73-year-old Gregory Hale with her 3-year-old grandson, Jordan, on her lap.

You could see the horror in her face as Hale often became confused when our reporter questioned him.

"If that doesn't tell us something's wrong with him, then we're sicker than he is," says Piggott.

She, along with her many neighbors, say they've known for years that Hale had some kind of problem.

"The signs were there all the time and we did nothing," says Piggott. "That's what's wrong with us as a society. We keep overlooking and overlooking."

At times during our interview with Hale, he suddenly remembered what happened speaking in great detail about it.

He says he wasn't dragging the child but instead trying to safely guide the boy back to his grandmother.

"He was crying and didn't want to stay there. So, I put him over in the yard and then I told the little girl we'll go over to that house," says Hale.

Today, NewsChannel Three stopped by Hale's house on Foley Drive where we spoke to his daughter. She didn't want to comment on camera but says her father is an angry man.

She also says she called social services about him a few years ago and that she has tried to get him mentally evaluated, but he always refuses.

She hopes her message reaches other parents so that they don't make the same mistake and assume kids are safe when playing right outside the front door.

"That they don't get comfortable like I did, that they don't believe this world is a world all children are safe in," says Piggott.


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