Inked with love: Tattoos that honor Mom

Posted at 8:09 AM, May 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-10 08:09:52-04

By Rachel Rodriguez

(CNN) — Tattoos have had a variety of purposes over their 5,000-year history. In cultures from ancient Egyptian to Polynesian, they’ve served as medicine, rite of passage, good-luck charm, punishment, decoration, religious, political or status symbol, and, of course, tribute to a loved one.

And many times, that loved one is Mom.

“Just about anybody that’s heavily tattooed, if they don’t have it already, [a mom tattoo] is definitely on their list of things to get,” said tattoo artist Alan Flores, who works out of 13 Roses Tattoo Parlour in Atlanta.

What’s thought of as the “traditional” mom tattoo — a heart with a banner, stereotypically seen on World War II-era sailors — is still a popular design. “I’ve done plenty of mom tattoos with banners around hearts,” said Flores. But custom motifs, handwriting and even portraits are gaining ground — check out the gallery above.

“I did one the other day on a guy; his mom is a tennis player, so I drew up a head with a tennis racket,” said Flores. And sometimes customers just come to him with general ideas — “favorite flowers, things she likes” — and then “it’s up to me to create that image that they’re picturing.”

In Flores’ experience, people usually get mom or dad tattoos as memorials for a parent after they’ve passed away. Of course, they can also honor a special occasion or serve as a tribute. Kyle Divine, in the gallery above, got his tattoo on Mother’s Day in 2006, and John Clarke got his for his mother’s 70th birthday. Amanda Clifton and her mom got matching tattoos during a mother/daughter vacation.

“When you have so much love for a person, it’s hard not to show some love with ink,” Clifton remarked.

Pondering a tattoo of your own to honor mom? If you’re thinking of a custom or unique piece, like a portrait, Flores recommends bringing in your tattoo artist from the start to refine your vision.

“I know what works as a tattoo and I know what doesn’t work,” he said. “A lot of art can’t be translated to skin.”

Once you’ve got your mom ink, be sure to share the love and show off your design on CNN iReport. Happy Mother’s Day!

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