Officials say trophies were accidentally thrown out at Beach high school

Posted at 1:28 PM, May 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-13 18:04:11-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - Frank W. Cox High School has a lot of success when it comes to athletics, so students and parents are not happy to learn that at least an entire display case of trophies was thrown away.

"We have a really big tradition of state champions, so it's just crazy to hear that," said Maddy Humphrey, a junior at the school.

According to a spokesperson for Virginia Beach Public Schools,  the girls' soccer coach noticed some trophies were missing last week and notified the principal.

After checking into it, they determined a custodian accidentally threw them away in August about a week before school started while cleaning out a closet and a display case to make more room.

The spokesperson says it was not done on purpose.

The school isn't sure exactly how many were tossed out, but they do know that quite a few were for the girls soccer team - a team that's gone to the state finals three times since 2006.

"I feel bad for the teams that lost those trophies because it's a lot of hard work to get one of those," said Humphrey.

A school spokesperson says they are doing an inventory to figure out exactly which trophies were thrown away and talking to coaches to see if any can be replaced.