Sailors guilty of sexual assault allowed to continue careers while victims are forced out

Posted at 8:46 PM, May 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-14 17:36:00-04

A woman's cries and screams for her attacker to stop and get off her were captured on an accidental phone call.

The victim was hit in the face then raped in a car. She was choked to the ground and forced into having sex after saying no.

These are the real life stories of Navy sailors and their experiences with sexual assault, right here in Hampton Roads.

They come from actual NCIS reports filed in the last five years in Navy Region Mid-Atlantic about sailor on sailor crimes that in many cases never see justice.

Commanders refusing to prosecute, calling it a “He said, she said case.” Victims are refusing to cooperate, weary of the consequences.

Hundreds of pages of records obtained by NewsChannel 3 show how little power NCIS has in prosecuting rape crimes instead, having to bow to the whims of officers.

Thousands of victims, but only a fraction of suspects, that actually see punishment.

Those guilty sailors are allowed to continue their careers while the victims are forced out.

Just how bad is the Navy's sexual assault problem here in Hampton Roads? Watch the NewsChannel 3 exclusive investigation tonight at 11.