Isle of Wight residents shaken up after several break–ins reported

Posted at 6:28 PM, May 15, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-15 18:28:56-04

Isle of Wight, Va. - Nine homes were broken into in less than two months, and folks in Isle of Wight say they're worried.

NewsChannel 3 talked to a few of the victims and they are very shaken up.

They’ve had 14 break-ins since March 26th in both Isle of Wight and Southampton Counties.

Law enforcement says they are upping their patrolling, but because these counties are so spread out, they need the community to take action.

Since late March 9th, homes in Isle of Wight and five in Southampton County were broken into and ransacked.

They were all during the day and all through a side or back door and the burglars are not picky.

"For the most part, they've been opportunists taking whatever. Television sets, computer systems, a lot of jewelry has been taken, some cash that was lying around," says Captain Rick Gaddis with the Isle of Wight Sheriff's Office. He believes the break-ins are connected.

He says the homes are all on side roads built there for the privacy, but enticing to criminals.

In all but one break-in, no one was home.

"That young girl just happened to be home without a car in the yard. She was upstairs, she heard them come in downstairs. As soon as she confronted them, as soon as they saw each other, the burglar immediately turned around and ran," says Gaddis.

The most recent string of break-ins was on May 10 in Isle of Wight.

Five homes were hit and three were on the same block on River Run Trail.

Deputies have two descriptions of vehicles: a gold Kia hatchback and small red car, but they are still not sure who is behind them.

"Right now we have several different descriptions. One witness saw a white man, another witness saw two black men go to a house they were attempting to get in, so we really don't know," says Gaddis.

Captain Gaddis says all Isle of Wight investigators are out patrolling in un-marked cars--along with law enforcement in Southampton, Windsor and Smithfield.

But they are still asking you to take action.

"We need the community in this case. We need the community to pay attention," says Gaddis.