Hearing continued for 2nd suspect in Norfolk police shooting

Posted at 10:56 AM, May 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-23 12:35:42-04

The hearing for a woman charged with trying to pass a stolen check at a Norfolk bank on Monday has been continued.

NewsChannel 3 tried to talk to Virgie Hairston on her way out of court on Thursday morning but she wouldn’t answer our question of where the stolen check came from.

Hairston has been charged with conspiring to commit or assist in larceny after police say she and her boyfriend, Joshua Johnson, tried to pass a stolen check at the Wells Fargo drivethrough on 21st and Colonial on Monday.

Norfolk Police say two officers responded. One pulled up in front of Johnson’s car, blocking him in and another officer approached Johnson’s car from behind.

That’s when, police say Johnson put his car in reverse, hitting the officer behind him.

The officer in front of Johnson’s car shot several times through the windshield, killing Johnson.

Virgie Hairston is due back in court at the end of June.