Three indicted over campground scuffle that ended in man’s death

Posted at 5:53 PM, May 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-31 06:08:35-04

Middlesex County, Va. – Three men were indicted for nine felonies after a man died during an altercation at the Bush Park campground in Middlesex.

A jury indicted Phillip ”Bubba” Harris, Christopher “Rooster” Fogg, and Jorge Torres. They were all charged with murder, lynching and abduction.

Officials say 49-year-old Edwin Hughes got into an altercation with Fogg and Harris, who were security guards at the campground. Torres was working at the entrance gate.

Hughes was at an event driving his golf cart when he was told to turn on his lights.

Officials were told that Hughes got out of the cart and went to the front gate. He encountered Torres and a security guard.

Things escalated into a physical altercation when another security guard took the keys out of the golf cart. Someone who saw what was happening alerted authorities.

They say the guards used force to detain Hughes who was found unresponsive face down when help arrived.

He was later pronounced dead at Walter Reed Hospital in Gloucester.

The medical examiner determined his death to be a homicide.

According to our sister station WTVR, neighbors were heartbroken when they learned the news of Hughes’ passing.

“If it was foul play then somebody needs to pay for what they did to Barry. He was a good person. He was one of the best neighbors I ever had. It’s such a shock”, says Charlotte Ballard, a neighbor.

They spoke to the Bush Park Camp Resort manager who said they still did not have all the answers in this case. He also claims that Hughes was drinking the day of the incident.

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