Thousand Kings Walk

Posted at 2:10 PM, May 31, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-31 14:12:06-04

A Chesapeake man is taking action to inspire young men to think bigger, work harder, and plan for their futures.

So he's organizing a walk to raise money for scholarships.

"We want them to be productive citizens, we want them to think about their future, to plan, to dream as big as possible. We want to show them how valuable they are to society."

The Thousand Kings Walk author and philanthropist, Rob Hill Sr. joined Blaine and Laila this morning to talk about his event.

On June 1, Author, Philanthropist, and Chesapeake native Rob Hill, Sr. and a group of volunteer community organizers will gather 10,000 people at Mount Trashmore Park in Virginia Beach at 11 a.m.The goal is to inspire, impact and influence our youth. He especially wants to motivate and challenge young men ages 12-17 to live extraordinary lives, to think bigger, work harder, and plan for the future.

Rob is giving out $10,000 in scholarships to "wow" them and show them just how valuable they are to this world, our communities, and our future.He says he wants to show them how much life can change when you commit to something and you're willing to sacrifice to get it.

Find out more about Rob's personal story and how it sheds light on why he is passionate about doing this, here: