Family says it’s a miracle loved ones survived after SUV plunges off interstate

Posted at 7:00 PM, Jun 05, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-06 06:37:28-04

Virginia State Police charged 24-year-old Sarah Gurganus with reckless driving following a three car crash on I-264 Monday. Police say she lost control of her Nissan Exterra and crashed into a Chevy Blazer that went over the side of the interstate.

Inside that Chevy Blazer were the son and grandson of Former Virginia Beach Councilwoman, Louisa Strayhorn.

Strayhorn says it`s a miracle her loved ones are alive.

"If you take a look at the crash site and you saw any of the photos," says Strayhorn, "You can understand that the way the car looks that, to me anyway, I believe God took a hand in it and made sure they came out alive."

On Tuesday, Strayhorn and her family celebrated her grandson’s 16th birthday in the hospital.

She says it was extra special this year.

"He could barely keep his eyes open but we said to him we're celebrating it's a big one we have balloons and everything, and he was like wow.  And I said, 'Yeah, 'cause you're alive," explains Strayhorn.

She says it may sound weird but she's feeling joy right now. Joy that her family is alive. And joy for all of those who stepped in to help, from the good Samaritans to the rescue crews.

"I'm also thanking all of the strangers and all of the relatives and all the friends for all the prayers. We have just been overwhelmed with the kind of good will people have had from the public," says Strayhorn.

And, she asks that those very same people continue to keep her family in their prayers.

"I think they're recovery on the other hand will be helped tremendously by the prayers from all of the people who wished us good will."


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