Students at Beach school have to re-take standardized test after administrator error

Posted at 12:11 AM, Jun 06, 2013

Virginia Beach, Va. - Some Virginia Beach middle schoolers have to retake a standardized test after the folks administering it messed up.

Nearly 300 students at Corporate Landing Middle have to retake the math portion of the standards of learning test.

Last month, the test givers didn't properly reset the calculators the school gave to the students.

Because of that, they could have had applications on them that would have made it easier for the students.

Kevin Rodriguez passed the test the first go round, but even with more time to prepare, his parents fear having to take it a second time may be too much pressure.

"I'm sure it's stressful enough to go and take the test. Now they have to take it all over again. And again, for the kids who are maybe on that border, having to take it again, who's to say that they're going to pass," says a parent.

The students didn't find out about this error until Tuesday, they have to take the second test Friday.