Participants angry after Tough Mudder challenge canceled

Posted at 6:14 PM, Jun 10, 2013

Virginia Beach, Va. - It’s supposed to be one of the toughest events you’ll ever tackle, but on Monday, many were crying foul after the area’s Tough Mudder challenge was canceled on short notice because organizers say there was too much mud.

Last week, Tough Mudder organizers posted a picture on Facebook declaring the Berkley Plantation was ready for a challenging and expensive obstacle race.

But it wasn't ready after all. Tropical Storm Andrea's all-day downpours swamped the course and forced the organizers to scrub the two-day event. On Monday, crews slogged through the slop to load trucks. Boxes of shirts and bananas were rain-soaked, and unused.

Disappointed racers who shelled out between $100 and $200, howled on the company's Facebook page today. How could a mud run be canned for too much mud?

In an email to NewsChannel 3, Tough Mudder organizers said they worried muddy roads and fields would stop medical ATVs from getting to hurt runners. But what really upset the angered mudders was the company's decision to stick with its no-refund policy, even though the company canceled the event.

Organizers promised dejected runners they could switch to another Tough Mudder event, but many said that wasn't an option. Tough Mudder said it will give refunds to military members who are deploying.

Some on Facebook defended the company saying everyone who signed up also agreed to the no-refund policy. But others countered they were prepared to handle that much mud. The company just wasn't.


Tough Mudder Virginia Beach has yet to find a home