Two people recovering after being hit by HRT bus

Posted at 11:38 PM, Jun 12, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-13 06:23:47-04

Norfolk, Va. - Two people were hit by a bus after witnesses say they walked into traffic trying to cross Little Creek Road in Norfolk.

"I guess they, they decided to cross the road." Taricka McLean, who witnessed it all, said. " I don't know why they decided to cross when the bus came."

One witness tells NewsChannel 3 the man and woman were stumbling down Little Creek Road. Then the bus went by and the witness heard a loud thud.

He turned his car around, and called 911 after seeing the woman bleeding from her forehead.

"There was blood everywhere and her head was stuck under the tire and he was trying to pull her from under the bus," McLean said.

The witness who called 911 put pressure on the woman's bloody forehead, waiting for first responders. The woman was rushed to the hospital

"We should have stopped them but didn't say anything to them and like two seconds later, we heard a big boom and the lady's head got busted by bus," McLean said.

Initially, authorities thought she had life-threatening injuries, but she responded well to treatment and is expected to be okay.