Beach man says property manager evicted him illegally

Posted at 8:05 PM, Jun 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-18 21:09:54-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - Timothy Trainham says he came home a couple weeks ago and all of his belongings and furniture were just tossed outside like trash.

And, he says, his property manager did it illegally.

"The realtor told me get your belongings that you want to keep out of the yard and basically like I'm just digging through garbage,” says Trainham

His two-year-old daughter's clothes were thrown in the garbage can and the lock on his shed was broken. All of his tools inside were removed.

He says while it may just seem like stuff, many of these things have sentimental value.

"That's my crib that was thrown to the concrete. A family crib just passed down generation to generation,” says Trainham. "All handmade and ornate items for Christmas decorations handmade bulbs for like her first birthdays, first Christmases - her footprints are gone.”

He says the owner of his rental house on Aragona Boulevard in Virginia Beach took him to court after he couldn't pay rent for the months of April and May.

Trainham doesn't deny that he was having money problems.

He says things have been tough since his ex-girlfriend moved out in February and business has been slow at work.

But he says the owner never filed for writ of possession after his May 28th court date.

"I was told the owner was given right of possession after 10 days or had to file for writ of possession after 10 days,” says Trainham.

NewsChannel 3 checked with Virginia Beach General District Court and we also went to the sheriff's office. We found no record of a writ of possession ever being filed.

Trainham says he was getting ready to move out but knew he had the 10 days before being evicted.

"If you walked into the house, nothing was in the rooms; everything, all my furniture was in the living room packed up ready to go,” says Trainham.

But, he says the property managers hired a cleaning company to go in and take everything out of the house eight days after his court hearing and two days before they could file for writ of possession.

A representative at William E. Wood and associates who managed the property wouldn't talk on camera.

He tells us they warned Trainham for weeks that he needed to move out.

He also said he was going to call his boss to find out why they never filed for writ of possession.