Taking action for Beach man wrongfully evicted

Posted at 7:24 PM, Jun 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-20 09:31:50-04

[ooyala code=”x4ODFtYzpRN6SZJ8bJlAoatRl3ifBqhw” player_id=”55ce3a06495346ddb20768902d1e991c”]Virginia Beach, Va. – While she may not understand why, even Timothy Trainham’s 2-year-old daughter knows all of her stuff is gone.

“She says stuff is gone. She’ll tell you stuff is gone,” says Trainham.

NewsChannel 3 first told you about Trainham on Tuesday.

He says he came home a couple of weeks ago and found all of his belongings tossed outside like trash.

He says his property manager at William E. Wood and Associates did it illegally, but he can’t afford to hire an attorney to fight it.

On Wednesday, NewsChannel 3 took Trainham’s case to the Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia (LASEVA).

“They’re unable to just simply go head and put somebody out on the street,” says Robert Perrone, Managing Attorney of the LASEVA office in Virginia Beach.

Attorneys at LASEVA take on cases for free for low-income residents that qualify.

“It appears the landlord didn’t obtain the Writ of Possession, and the Writ of Possession is necessary,” explains Perrone.

Trainham admits that he was going through tough times and couldn’t afford to pay rent for the months of April and May.

He’s upset that his clothes and furniture, and all of his daughter’s clothes and toys now sits in the city landfill and that he wasn’t given proper, legal notice before that happened.

“It was kind of heartbreaking,” says Trainham.

But, Perrone believes Trainham has a strong case and there’s a good chance he could be reimbursed for some of what he lost.

“We`ll definitely do something. That`s what we`re here for to help people in these situations,” says Perrone.