Food trucks and pushcarts now available in Norfolk

Posted at 6:52 PM, Jun 20, 2013

Norfolk, Va. - Citizens and visitors will now have more food choices in Norfolk after city council voted 5-1 to allow the vendors in the city last month.

In the heart of Norfolk, a light rail runs right by the mall. There are plenty of restaurants available, but one thing many other cities have was missing. Now that’s changed.

Citizens can now see food trucks and pushcarts along Norfolk streets.

“I`m pretty stoked for someone who works in the downtown area and have 15 to 20 minutes for your lunch break, to have a food truck so you can just go out and get something real quick, it is really nice to have,” says Lauren Francisco.

To get there, vendors had to push. After months of debate, city council agreed to give them six spaces around town.

Some restaurant owners were not in support of the vendors because they worried it might take away from their businesses.

“I remembered when I was New York, and I like New York food, so one of the better meals I had was off a pushcart in downtown Manhattan, and I said well if it works there, why wouldn't it work here,” says Adel Hagez of Granby Bistro and Deli.

Hagez is going to have a pushcart of his own.

“We are going offer Italian sausage and Polish sausage, hot dogs, pork and chicken barbecue,” says Hagez.

Business owners and patrons alike agree that the arrival of food trucks and pushcarts means Norfolk is growing.

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