Look inside the trailer where police say kids were found in horrible living conditions

Posted at 8:28 PM, Jun 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-21 07:31:21-04

Suffolk, Va. - The smell of garbage immediately hit us as we stepped inside a Suffolk trailer where police say they found two children alone.

Inside we found flies clinging to dirty dishes, trash and food scattered all over and a dirty diaper on the floor.

It's been boarded up since Tuesday when police say they found two young kids locked inside by themselves.

“No lock never been on there. I don't know about their living arrangements” says the owner of the trailer.

Two charged after children found in padlocked camper in deplorable conditions

The owner of the trailer lives in a house on the same North Division Street property.

A search warrant for the property shows police came to the house looking for evidence after arresting 20-year- old Kimberly Shelton.

Police arrested Shelton Tuesday after they say she assaulted a woman earlier this month as an initiation into a gang.

According to the warrant, Shelton told police she was living there.

Marvin Askew owns the house and he says the camper owner’s son was the only one living in the trailer but would have friends over who stayed with him.

Police arrested Jeronda Wilson and Laron Neal Tuesday. Wilson is the mother of the two children police found in the trailer and Neal was supposed to be babysitting them at the time.

Askew says he doesn't know them either and he didn't know anything about the conditions inside the trailer. He says he keeps to himself inside his house.