Goats will maintain grass at Craney Island Landfill

Posted at 4:49 PM, Jun 26, 2013

The Portsmouth City Council agreed Tuesday to allow the city staff to buy 10 goats to eat the grass at the Craney Island Landfill.

It’s part of a pilot program, according to Dennis Bagley, Director of General Services.

The goat they’re interested in, the Boer Goat, tends to eat more grass.

Bagley said the idea was mentioned as a joke during a meeting but an employee started doing research and found it was a viable idea for the property.

Right now, because of broken equipment, the city would have to pay someone $42,000 per year to cut the landfill grass.

Each of the 10 goats will cost an estimated $70 and landfill employees will be used to look after the goats.

They’ve already been in talks with local goat famers.

If the program is successful, Bagley says they’d like to buy a whole herd.