Update: Swimming advisories issued at 4 Norfolk beaches now lifted

Posted at 5:04 PM, Jul 02, 2013

Update: The swimming advisories issued at four Norfolk beaches have now been lifted officials say. 

The water has been tested and the level of bacteria has decreased to within State Water Quality standards. 

Norfolk, Va. – Swimming advisories have been issued at four Norfolk beaches in the Ocean View section of the city.

The affected areas include all of the Captain’s Quarters park area, the beach area from 14th Bay Street to 25th Bay Street, the oceanfront site between Inlet Road and Beaumont Street, and the 11th View Street to 15th View Street beach site.

Water sampling and testing revealed enterococci bacteria levels at the four sites exceeded State Water Quality Standards.

Health officials will continue testing and notify the public when the bacteria levels decrease to levels that mean state standards.

For additional information on these Swimming Advisories, contact the Norfolk Department of Public Health Environmental Division at 757-390-6557.