Navy lieutenant says he’s received hate mail for trying to make Redskins’ roster

Posted at 4:22 PM, Jul 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-04 16:28:05-04

Eric Kettani serves in the U.S. Navy.

He’s also trying to make the Washington Redskins’ roster as a fullback.

That’s earned him some hate mail, despite having served three years of active duty and a recent promotion to lieutenant, according to

The Patriots brought Kettani to training camp in 2011, but he was called to active duty again six weeks later. However, after another year of active duty, Kettani was allowed to pursue an NFL career under a U.S. Department of Defense policy that allows an Academy graduate with “unique talents and abilities” to request an early release.

After several months and one denial, a transition was negotiated to allow Kettani to serve seven years in the Naval reserves doing public-affairs work. Still, he received some criticism for leaving the service early.

“Absolutely, I received some hate mail, saying go back to the military, do your job and do what you signed up for,” Kettani said. “And they have every right to say that.”