Navy families moving out of Lincoln Military Housing after drug house discovered

Posted at 12:23 PM, Jul 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-05 10:09:18-04

Norfolk, Va. - “I moved into military housing to feel some sense of security, and that’s not what we are getting.”

Robin is just one of the Lincoln Military Housing residents who came home the day before the Fourth of July to find men in white jumpsuits and full face masks swarming a home on Eilers Street in Ben Moreell.

“I couldn’t even come to my driveway, it was blocked off by fire trucks and hazmat,” said one resident. “Apparently, it’s a meth house.”

Norfolk Police and Fire wouldn’t confirm if meth was indeed being cooked by those living there.

They only referred NewsChannel 3 to a sign posted on the door...that says "a clandestine laboratory for the manufacture of illegal drugs and hazardous chemicals was seized at this location."

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Another sign from the Fire Marshall says the home is unsafe to live in.

“Lincoln hasn’t told us anything… they need to come door to door, let us know everything is okay, and that they are taking good care of this situation,” said Robin.

NewsChannel 3 contacted Lincoln's public relations company today.

A spokesman says police informed them very late last night about the hazmat situation, but did not give many details to Lincoln.

It is their policy to notify residents when something happens, and they are working on how to do that in this situation.

Still, that's not good enough for Robin. With her husband about to head out on a deployment, she just put in her 30 day notice.

“For security purposes, I am actually moving home, because I don’t feel safe in this area anymore,” said Robin.

Norfolk police are not commenting on any arrests made, and will not say if the people living in that Ben Moreell home were active-duty military, dependents, or civilians.

Their investigation into the drug lab is continuing.