Suffolk neighborhood squabble turns violent

Posted at 8:21 PM, Jul 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-11 23:35:46-04

Suffolk, Va. - Children couldn't play nicely at a Huntersville neighborhood in Suffolk. It's the adults, though, that needed to grow up after a fight in the middle of the street led to Geoffrey Ridley being put in jail.

Crystal Hines is Ridley's girlfriend. She heard some kids in her neighborhood cursing at each other and decided their grandmother should know about it.

"It's obscene overall, but especially for a child," Hines said.

Their grandmother wasn't angry at the message, but the messenger.

"I would never sit and blatantly talk about some children," Hines said in rebuttal.

Hines and the grandmother, along with Myshia Rawls, started arguing.
Hines, who is pregnant, says the life of her unborn child was threatened.

"She proceeded to say, 'Well if she come out her porch or I see her out in the street, I'll make her lose that baby.'"

The grandmother of the young children vehemently denies Hines' claim.

"Geoffry Ridley came home to find that his girlfriend and his neighbor were in an intense shouting match in the streets.

His girlfriend says that Ridley tried to break it up, but that's when things escalated and got very ugly.

Windell Giles Jr. says Ridley started shouting at his fiance, Myshia.

"I told (Ridley) at first, 'Man look you grab your girl, I'll grab mine we'll go back in the house,'" says Giles.

The 24-year-old Ridley wouldn't budge.

"[Ridley swung], my fiance pulled me back and when my fiance pulled me back he hit her," says Giles.

Hines' version of the fight is much different.

"(Giles) swings at Geoffry, he misses," Hines said. "Geoffry swings back, it lightly touches him."

Giles denied Hines' story that he threw the first punch.

Giles claims Ridley then threatened to burn down his house.

"I'm going to be honest with you," Giles said. "It's ignorant. When grownups act worse than kids."

Ridley is locked up for assault and threatening to burn down Giles' home.