Are you wanted by the U.S. Marshals?

Posted at 6:55 PM, Jul 15, 2013

Norfolk, Va. - The feds may have an arrest warrant for you and you may not even know it!

The U.S. Marshals gave NewsChannel 3 a list of 100 people they need to find for, believe it or not, traffic tickets that have turned into federal offenses.

This story has already taken an odd turn.

It's the court that handled Titanic artifacts, Somali pirates, and corrupt city supervisors. But regular people have been ordered there for something as simple as traffic tickets.

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If you get stopped on the military bases, the Colonial Parkway, or any federal property in the area, you're supposed to go to federal court, not city court. Deputy Marshal Timothy Alley says some drivers probably don't realize that, and he's got warrants for them.

“We have an entire drawer full of misdemeanor federal warrants of people who are wanted by the U.S. Marshal service,” says Alley.

NewsChannel 3 obtained a list of people who missed a federal court date for something pretty minor, and now they have federal warrants.

Brian Iwuamadi answered the door at his family's Virginia Beach home. We were looking for his brother Lawrence, who once served at Fort Eustis.

And here's where this story takes an odd turn. Brian, the man who willingly told us where his brother was, was also on a Marshal's list, but a different list we didn't know about. This happened two days after agreeing to put us in touch with his brother.

Deputy marshals arrested him. Agents say he has a federal conviction for stealing government property and he'd broken his probation.

And his brother never called. We did some digging and found out why. While the Marshals were looking for him, he got arrested in Lynchburg for rape. That, Alley said, was surprising. Most of the people on the list are regular people who got tickets but got confused about the courts. Even so, there is still a warrant, waiting.

You think it went away, it may not have. Your name may be on this list. You may be wanted by the U.S. Marshals for a misdemeanor warrant, and to clear that up, you need to come to federal court and turn yourself in.