Thieves target AC window units in Suffolk

Posted at 11:49 PM, Jul 15, 2013

Suffolk, Va. - In the hottest week of the year Anna Jackson now has to rely on a ceiling fan to stay cool in her living room.

"I was sitting on the side of the bed,” Jackson says. “It happened so fast. They just snatched my air conditioner out of my window."

Thieves stole the AC window unit from Jackson's Suffolk home off South 11th Street late Friday night.

Jackson is not the only one suffering through the heat. In all, three window AC units were snatched near downtown Suffolk over the weekend.

"It’s awful,” Jackson says. “It's awful for it to happen to anyone."

After thieves took off with Jackson’s unit, two hours later and right around the corner on Freeney Avenue, another unit was stolen from a downstairs window.

"Looked like they punched their hand right through the glass," says Gwendolyn Jordan, who had to replace the window after the theft.

If the crook hopes to use the air conditioner Jordan says they'll be in for a surprise.

"The thing was that it wasn't even working at the time so you know you stole something that wasn't working," she says.

Less than two miles away, off West Washington Street, a third unit was stolen from a law office just a few blocks from the Suffolk Police Department.

Attorney Clarence Brooks says the thief could have just asked.

"I would have given them the unit if they really needed it," he says.

While the three theft victims try to evade the scorching temperatures, investigators need help  finding who stole their cool air.

If you have any information, call Suffolk Police.