Abandoned one-month-old wild horse rescued in Corolla

Posted at 11:55 PM, Jul 17, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-18 09:28:08-04

Corolla, N.C. - Carlos is a newborn wild horse from Corolla that was abandoned by his mother. He's being nursed back to health on the mainland.

"He kept calling for his mother, unfortunately she never came for him," said April Hudson, with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

Hudson suspects Carlos was pushed out by a stallion who had eyes for Carlos' mom, and wanted her to forget about the foal. So he kicked Carlos to the curb, literally.

The one-month-old was found by a volunteer, as he was lying in a Corolla street.

"(The rescuers) kinda herded him towards a beach house where they were able to put him there to be safe from tourists," Hudson said.

Carlos stays in his stall. He's too young and the older horses would bully him.

He's being bottle fed for now. Volunteers at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund are trying to pair him up with a mare in Moyock.

"She can teach him how to be a horse, 'cause the problem with bottle feeding a baby, they don't learn how to be a horse by being taught by a human," Hudson said.

Within the next month Carlos should be back to full health.