Getting Results: Veteran told to wait 30 months for VA disability claim finally gets paid

Posted at 6:25 PM, Jul 19, 2013

Portsmouth, Va. -“It’s a blessing to be able to wake up and not stress like I have for the last 8 years.”

James Edwards says it's all because of a NewsChannel 3 story.

This Army veteran asked us to take action on May 23rd, after his VA disability claim for PTSD languished at the Roanoke office without a decision.

“I’ve been waiting 186 days,” Edwards said at the time, with the VA telling him then that he would have to wait for 30 more months.

Hampton Roads veterans still waiting up to 30 months for disability claims

It seems, though, that someone at the VA was watching NewsChannel 3 that night.

“Strangely, May 26th, I got a letter,” said Edwards. “It took me completely off guard. Not only did they increase my mental disability, they actually back-paid me! Literally a day after you aired my story, my claim moved.”

Because of his severe PTSD, James couldn't work for the past year--but now, he can finally pay all of his bills, and even save some for a rainy day.

“That was a blessing in disguise, I had no words, I was so excited,” said Edwards, who is still waiting on a disability decision for his back problems--but something is better than nothing.

“I really have to thank NewsChannel 3 for that,” said Edwards. “It says it right there in the title, ‘Taking Action and Getting Results.’ 8 years, I hadn't had any results, but I came to you one time, and had almost instant results. It works.”