Police staff Oceanfront for possible Beach Weekend Part II

Posted at 6:54 PM, Jul 26, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-26 23:35:55-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - Police are convinced the so-called “Beach Weekend Part 2” is a hoax.  But since a lot of people might think the event is real, investigator Mike Mather says police are staffing the Oceanfront like it is.

Police say that no matter what happens – if the weekend is a dud or if tens of thousands think there’s part-two of street party that turned violent – they’ll be staffed for the worst.

The cars rolled off the Interstate, poring onto 21st Street. Then, wheels kept rolling along the bike path and Boardwalk. Perfect beach weather pulled thousands to the Oceanfront for what promises to be a busy weekend.

Bhavesh Rawal’s Quality Inn is filling up fast. Cheerleaders are rolling boxes and bags into their rooms, getting ready for a contest.  But just a few weeks ago, guests there, and all over the Oceanfront, weren’t as well behaved. Thousands descended after sundown on the promise of a party called College Beach Week. Late at night, it got out of hand.

“The Beach Weekend was a little bit of a tough situation for us, especially at night. We had a couple of complaints about some of the guests becoming rowdy at night,” says Rawal.

Weeks ago, city leaders began worrying about a second round as a flier circulated on Facebook. Police say it is a hoax but they worry not everyone knows that. So while the event might be fake, police sources tell NewsChannel 3 they’re staffing like it’s real. Rawal is happy for that.

“One negative incident can just spoil the business for the beach,” says Rawal.

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