Men posing as cops pull over real Chicago police officer

Posted at 5:43 PM, Jul 31, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-31 17:43:28-04

By WGN Web Desk
Chicago (WGN) — Chicago police are on the lookout for two Hispanic men who posed as officers Tuesday morning and pulled over the real thing.

It happened on the northwest side when the officer was driving home from an overnight shift.

The two drove up behind in a white SUV with flashing lights in the Avondale neighborhood.

The officer pulled over and noticed that neither of the two was in uniform and appeared unarmed.

The officer asked the man who approached who he was, and he replied “I’m Chicago police.”

The man, apparently feeling something was up, yelled to his “partner” in dark clothing “It’s OK, it’s Chicago police” and jumped back into the SUV which then sped away with the two men inside. The officer followed them for a while but lost them, police said.

The officer was not injured or robbed and police are seeking two Hispanic men in their 20s who are about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weigh 175 pounds, police said. One had an open-collared shirt and blue jeans while the other was wearing all dark clothing.