Kristen Crowley demonstrates how to make a diaper cake

Posted at 9:53 AM, Aug 02, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-02 09:53:52-04

Sharon Wood of Mom on Dealz and Kristen Crowley have a great idea for your next baby shower - a diaper cake.

Sharon shows us exactly how to make the diaper cake, step by step. It's a gift that will be very useful for new moms, Kristen says.


Diapers (approx. 22)

2 Baby Bibs

2 Baby Blankets

1 Paper Towel Roll

1 Toilet Paper Roll

Rubber Bands



Baby Bottle



2 Pipe Cleaners


1. Roll six diapers up and wrap them in a rubber band. Put a rubber band around a toilet paper roll and insert the rolled diapers in between the rubber band and roll.

2. Take six more diapers and cover the "wheel" with these diapers by inserting them unfolded in between the rubber band and rolled diapers.

3. Repeat this process around each end of the paper towel.

4. Cover all 3 "wheels" with ribbon of your choice.


5. Roll one baby blanket and insert it inside the toilet paper roll wheel and set aside.

6. Attach the two pipe cleaners together and insert them inside the back wheels.

7. Bring the blanket ends from the front wheel to the back wheels and attach using the pipe cleaners.

8. Roll another blanket and insert inside the front wheel (yes this will be hard!) and bring up to create the handlebars.

9. Lay one bib over the front wheel and place the bottle on top of it. Take the rolled blanket and rubber band the two ends to come together over the bottle, holding it in place and making it look more like handlebars.

10. Roll two more diapers and insert one into each end of the "back wheels" to make them more sturdy.

11. Roll two additional diapers to create the "seat". Cover with the remaining bib.

12. Add any embellishments. (I added skull socks to the handlebars and a bear with a skull bandana).