Man dances during traffic stop (video)

Posted at 9:30 PM, Aug 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-09 21:35:33-04

GAHANNA, Ohio (WBNS) – An Ohio man’s behavior during a traffic stop shocked the police officers who pulled him over.

Dale Bentley

Dale Bentley

“In my years in law enforcement, I’ve learned to never say I’ve seen everything because just when I say that, I see something I’ve never seen before,” Gahanna Police Sgt. Ethan Moffitt said.

Officers said Dale Bentley fled after they tried to pull him over for speeding Sunday. Police said once Bentley did stop, the 39-year-old appeared confused.

When officers started to perform a field sobriety test, police said Bentley started to dance.

“We know that when people are intoxicated they’re unpredictable.” Sgt Moffitt said. “Our concern is that he could fall over, hurt himself, fall out in traffic.”

Police said Bentley’s blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit at the time of his arrest.  Bentley declined an on-camera interview, but did tell reporters he did not remember dancing. Bentley was charged with OVI, fleeing from officers and speeding.