How long does it take for problems to be fixed using SeeClickFix app?

Posted at 11:50 PM, Aug 12, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-12 23:50:08-04

Potholes, graffiti, overgrown grass, even a fox living in the neighbor’s dog house are all problems folks in Hampton Roads wanted fixed, and problems they reported using the website and mobile app SeeClickFix.

When you see a non-emergency issue in your neighborhood, snap a photo, describe it--and the app gives the city a heads up.

The national site has been around for years, but cities in Hampton Roads are still behind the times.

Last year in Chesapeake, out of the 267,000 issues reported, only 16 were from SeeClickFix.

In May, a Chesapeake user posted a problem with overgrown trees behind his neighborhood. Chesapeake officials never responded. More than a month later the user posted that the issue was resolved.

Virginia Beach city officials, on the other hand say SeeClickFix issues are constantly monitored and addressed. NewsChannel 3 wanted to find out just how fast the issues are fixed.

Last week, one Virginia Beach user reported tall grass around Cape Henry Park benches, a problem they also reported this time last year. While Beach officials have since responded, saying they would investigate, it was obvious that nothing has been done. The grass has now grown through the bottom of the bench.

Over in Norfolk, NewsChannel 3 noticed several lights out along City Hall Avenue near the onramp to Highway 264 Monday night. We have posted this issue to SeeClickFix and will monitor just how long it takes for local city officials to get back to us and eventually get this problem resolved.