City wants new regulations for businesses in Virginia Beach’s Town Center

Posted at 5:54 PM, Aug 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-16 17:54:15-04

Virginia Beach, Va. – Property owners in Town Center are learning about proposed regulations for the area.

Property owners were notified of the possible changes by a letter from the city earlier this month.

Among the regulations, shops and restaurants would be required to sit close to the street, no buildings can have blank walls without windows, and signs should be urban in style. Property owners who already are established in Town Center would be grandfathered in, but if they make changes they would be required to follow the new regulations.

The regulations would be implemented in the area bordered by Kellam Road, Broad Street, Beasley Drive and the Norfolk Southern railroad line.

The plan is focused around Town Center and surrounding areas, but could spread to other areas if successful. It is all part of the city’s Pembroke Strategic Growth Area. The regulations would affect the Central Business District Core, but the city could later imply the regulations to the other five districts in the growth area.

City Planner Ashby Moss says the goal is to encourage more urban development in the area, and to move away from strip malls and parking lots.

Moss envisions more walkable areas, benches, art, and taller buildings.

The timeline all depends on the feedback from property owners, but the new regulations could go to the council for approval in November or December.